• 30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 1:

    February 4-5, 2019 Phoenix, Arizona

30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 2
February 4-5, 2019 Phoenix Arizona


This invitation has been sent to a select group of 30 individuals. You and others have indicated an interest in participating in a national initiative that builds strong private-public partnerships.

The Goal:

Surpass the 2030 immunization goals through innovative local projects targeting subpopulations and using real-time monitoring and analytics to measure the effectiveness.

We will identify projects that can be scaled through extended partnerships across the US and achieve these national immunization goals.
30 for 2030 is designed to focus on leadership, create new partnerships and empower stakeholders. Using the population health data assets in state immunization registries and the electronic infrastructure, supporting analytics will be identified to measure progress and create action steps

We have invited leaders from the following organizations:

30 for 2030 Innovation in Immunization Summit 2